TCX Bearings

Toro is proud to announce a line of custom radial bearings and bushings for downhole tools.  The Toro TCX Radial Bearing is ideal for use in downhole tools such as mud motors, pumps, and other rotating equipment requiring extreme wear protection.

TCX Radial Bearing
Tungsten Carbide Tile Inlay

The Toro TCX bearings utilize a Tungsten Carbide Tile inlay for maximum wear protection and durability.  The bearing surface is inlaid with a layer of solid rectangular tungsten carbide tiles, surrounded by a powered tungsten carbide matrix.  This combination provides maximum protection against wear while providing the superior durability necessary for extreme applications.  Toro TCX bearings have been proven to outlast most other types of bearings on the market today.

Each Toro TCX bearing is custom engineered and designed to meet a customer's specific requirement.  Every TCX bearing is precision ground to size and held to a tight tolerance.  Engineering services are available to assist with creating a custom TCX bearing for a specific tool or application.

To learn more about the Toro TCX radial bearings, please contact your nearest Toro Representative or call 1-888-662-8676.

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