Shock Tools

The Toro SH Series Shock Tool is a hydraulic actuated tool that provides maximum protection against BHA vibrational damage while keeping the drill bit firmly on the bottom.  The Toro SH series shock tools are specifically engineered to reduce vibration caused by hard formation drilling.  By eliminating drill string bounce, Toro Shock Tools reduce drill string connection fatigue and help to  prolong drill string life.

The Toro SH series shock tools are a fully hydraulic tool and feature a mechanical spline assembly whereby drill string torque is transmitted to the bit through the outer housing.  The spline assembly is encased by a hydraulic piston and reservoir that dampens the axial movement of the drill string.  The tool is fully sealed to prevent the drilling fluid from contacting the internal components and is designed for maximum durability and reliability.  The Toro SH Shock Tool features a large inner diameter for high flow rates and for passing wireline or other equipment through the center bore. 

 For more information, please click on the specification sheet below (requires a PDF reader to view).

Toro Shock Sub Specification Sheet

SH Series:  Hydraulic Shock Tool Specification Sheet

Toro SH Shock Sub

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