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The Toro Model RR Roller Reamer is an efficient Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA) reaming and torque reducing tool. It provides reaming action for improved borehole shape, size and quality. It also provides stabilization action by centralizing the BHA, minimizing down-hole vibrations, preventing the BHA from resting on the low side of the deviated hole, and minimizing BHA fatigue. Torque reduction results from touching the formation with a set of rollers spinning around their axes as a result of rotation of the central body.

The Toro Model RR Roller Reamer is engineered and optimized to comprise a set of advanced features for enhanced reaming, high durability and maximum reliability.  Toro Model RR Roller Reamers are designed with one stage of cutters to allow the Roller Reamer to fit in almost every directional application.

For more information, please click on the specification sheet below (requires a PDF reader to view).

Toro Roller Reamer Spec Sheet

Toro Model RR Roller Reamer Specification Sheet

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Toro Model RR
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