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Toro MWDi Tool

The Toro MWDi Isolator Tool (MWDi) is designed to isolate downhole vibration forces from drill string agitation tools.  The Toro MWDi Tool has been created to intentionally absorb drill sting agitation forces and keep them from interfering with the Measuring While Drilling (MWD) tool.  By placing the Toro MWDi Tool directly above the MWD, vibrational and agitational string forces are significantly reduced on the bottom hole assembly.  This helps to prevent damage to the MWD and helps to reduce downhole MWD failure.  The Toro MWDi tool requires no special handling or field adjustments and works independently of other equipment in the bottom hole assembly.  The Toro MWDi Tool offers the following features:

  • Isolates and reduces downhole vibration and string agitation forces acting on the MWD.
  • Does not interfere with string agitation when located above the MWD.
  • Helps reduce MWD telemetry interference.
  • Helps extend the life of the MWD and other bottom hole equipment.
  • Independent Axial and Radial vibration absorption.
  • Requires no special handling or field adjustments.
  • Works independently of other bottom hole equipment.
  • Ideal for use in both vertical and horizontal applications.

For more information on the Toro MWD Isolator, please click on the specification sheet
(Requires a PDF reader to view).

MWDi Isolator

Toro MWD Isolator Specification Sheet

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