Motor Optimizer

The Toro Motor Optimizer is a new tool designed to get optimum power and torque from a downhole motor.  The Motor Optimizer improves the rate of penetration (ROP) by controlling both the vertical and rotational reactive forces of the motor.  The Toro Motor Optimizer helps to improve drilling performance by maintaining the weight on bit (WOB) on the motor thus keeping the drill bit firmly on bottom.  Using a Toro Motor Optimizer will also extend the life of the bottom hole assembly since it helps to prevent the assembly from being overworked.  The Toro Motor Optimizer is a self actuated hydraulic tool that requires no special handling or field adjustments.  The Toro Motor Optimizer provides the following features:

  • Reduces motor vertical reactive forces
  • Reduces motor rotational reactive torque
  • Optimizes the weight on bit (WOB)
  • Optimizes the rate of penetration (ROP)
  • Extends the life of the bottom hole assembly (BHA)
  • Ideal for use in straight-hole and hard drilling applications

For more information on the Toro Motor Optimizer, please click on the specification sheet below (requires a PDF reader to view).

Watch the Toro Motor Optimizer in action!

Motor Optimizer Specifications

Motor Optimizer Specification Sheet

Motor Optimizer

Motor Optimizer

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