Toro Bearing Assembly

Toro Downhole Tools offers complete engineering and manufacturing services.  At Toro, we have the capability to engineer and manufacture specific solutions to today’s drilling problems.  More than just a oil tool sales company, we can design a custom downhole motor to meet a customer’s specific requirement.  Some of our capabilities include:

  • In-House Engineering & Design capabilities
  • In-House Manufacturing & Rework capabilities
  • In-House Retrofitting & Conversions

Toro Downhole Tools continuously strives to offer the best in downhole tool products. Evidence of this is shown in some of our recent improvements to our line of drilling motors.  These improvements  include:

  • Short Radius and Straight-Hole Performance tool designs
  • Robust coil tubing bearing assembly designs
  • Better power section performance from Drilex rotors and stators
  • Integrated top subs with a motor safety catch
  • Stronger drive train components
  • Improved Hard Rubber performance elastomer compounds
  • Alternative rotor coatings for harsh environments
  • Wear protection and hard facing
  • Enhanced material properties and selection

For inquiries regarding any of our engineering and manufacturing services, please contact the  nearest Toro Sales Representative or call us directly at 1-888-662-8676.

Toro Coupling Assembly

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