Drilling Motors

Toro Downhole Tools offers a complete line of quality and reliable steerable downhole drilling motors (mud motors) that feature Drilex power sections.  Toro downhole  motors are designed for many drilling applications including:

Toro steerable motor
  • Directional
  • Vertical
  • Workover
  • Re-entry
  • Sacrificial BHA
  • Horizontal (HDD)
  • Geothermal

8” Toro Motor on location

For detailed information on a specific motor size and configuration, select the desired motor specification sheet from the menu on the left.  For our small diameter motors, please visit the Thru-Tubing Motors page.

The Toro motor model number is defined as follows:

    XXX - YYY - ZZZ (- HR)

    XXX =  Motor outer diameter
    YYY = Power section configuration (rotor/stator)
    ZZZ =  Number of power section stages
    HR  =  with Performance elastomer (optional)

    For Example:  A 4-3/4” OD motor with a 7:8 lobe, 4 stage power section is defined as a 475-78-4

Toro downhole motors utilize a field proven design for maximum power and torque.  Toro motors have an extensive run history of reliability and dependability.  Our motors have been engineered for increased drilling ROP and durability.  All Toro motors include the following components:

  • Top Sub with integrated Float Bore
  • Available One-Piece Safety Catch Sub
  • Available Drilex high performance power section
  • Precision crafted articulated joint coupling
  • Straight, fixed bend, or a field adjustable bend housing (ABH)
  • Durable and reliable all metal bearing section (no oil or seals)
  • Forged Material output shaft with integrated bit box
  • Drive shaft with Integrated Bit Box and Safety Catch
  • Available near bit stabilizer
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Drilling Motor Handbook

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